Art Festival of Youth and Childhood

“De Beaux Lendemains”, the first edition of a multidisciplinary festival focused mainly on theater and contemporary dance for babies, children and adolescents. It unfolds in and around Saint-Brieuc until Saturday 27 November.

15 shows;
37 performances;
20 partners, theaters and actors;
7 communes around Saint Brieuc;
Meetings, readings, practical workshops, cultural actions, ...

De Beaux Lendemains

Because we are addressing those who, tomorrow, will take their first steps, formulate their first dreams, and imagine other tomorrows.

Because we want to find with enthusiasm meaning, beauty, dreams ...

Because we are convinced that living, sharing, exploring a spectacle ensures a great day and a great tomorrow.

Because it is about opening a door for the next generation in a world where they are often promised the worst ...


The First edition of the festival runs between the 23rd and 27th november 2021.

Saint-Brieuc 22000


Beaux lendemains

Photos : © Jeanne Paturel